Folsom Lake College had a previous epoxy floor that was delaminated. The floor was chipping away due to the moisture issues in the slab, and eventually became a tripping hazard. The college had this project on their radar for several months, but they could not find the right time to fit in an essential project.

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Background: Folsom Lake College had a very tight window of when this work could be completed, because they have students in these rooms year-round. Within a two-week time frame, we were able to use the FCCC contract that sped up the entire process from start to finish.

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Method of Approach: The FCCC contract helped speed up the process and KYA was able to install MCT tile within the two-week time frame. This product was a good fit for the moisture levels caused by the substrate, and the NO WAX floor finish cut maintenance time down significantly.

Results: Overall Folsom Lake College is left with a floor that requires less maintenance and will withstand the moisture from the substrate. An added bonus to MCT tile is that it comes in both tile and sheet, so the clients have the option/flexibility.

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IMG_1541 After front.JPG