Interior - Flooring - East Side UHS - Case Study

Description: East Side UHSD needed flooring for a new portable office building they had installed within the District. The portable was used as a main office requiring floor design and solutions to withstand high foot traffic and present a modern work environment. 
Background: KYA was given a layout of the new building and asked to coordinate materials, colors, and patterns with the District-chosen site furniture and paint.  
Method of Approach:  Floating carpet tiles and luxury vinyl planks were chosen in different finishes and installed in varying patterns to provide a modern professional look. These products require no finish and no wax therefore eliminating harsh chemicals and allowing for easy routine maintenance. These products are also low VOC, which promotes better air quality. 

Results: Regardless of last minute layout changes the project began and finished on schedule. East Side UHSD now has functional modular flooring that supports visual balance and intuitive traffic flow.