Exterior Landscaping - Fullerton School District Office



Description: Fullerton School District Office wanted to convert their natural grass quad area to synthetic turf.

Background: The quad space is quite large with established mature trees, which was causing maintenance difficulties and price concerns. The District needed a full solution to beautify the courtyard, so their staff could enjoy the space during breaks and lunch.


Method of Approach: Synthetic thatched turf was seen as the best solution to the District’s concerns.  KYA worked with the client to create a rendering for project scope of work to include turf, tree surrounds, and mulch with the option to add replica plants at a later date.

Results: By utilizing a *purchaing contract the job was completed in seven working days and within budget. This quad now lowers maintenance noise, minimizes dirt walk off, and is high foot traffic friendly. The District now has a newly designed courtyard to enjoy year-round with a fresh beautiful aesthetic.