Exterior - Field Cleaning - La Mirada - Case Study

Description: KYA performed a field cleaning that included comprehensive field analysis, specialized debris sweep, correct infill migration, infill de-compaction, Pressure-Fast technology, and static charge removal.  

Background: The field was approaching its 10 year anniversary and although the basic maintenance had been consistent over this time, the field exhibited signs of natural wear and tear in several areas. The field needed to be cleaned, had migrated rubber, and flattening blade structures. Since the field had extremely high use and the district wanted to get at least one more year out of it, they decided to go with our Pressure-Fast system. 

Debris collected from field 

Method of Approach:  KYA presented the Pressure-Fast process explaining each step and the solutions it provides. We guaranteed great results and the entire process, for their field specifically, would be at a set fee and completed in 4 hours (typical time for such grooming is between 1-2 days). Quick turn around was essential due to the field’s constant use.

Debris collected from field

Result:  The cleaned field looks great, is safe, and was able to be used immediately after KYA used our Pressure-Fast system. Norwalk-La Mirada USD and La Mirada HS are very happy with the result.