Exterior - Field Rebuilding - Santa Rosa - Case Study

Description: Santa Rosa City Schools fields had been exposed to severe fire damage. The area was litered with ash and debris resulting in the closure of the fields.

Background: Northern California had experienced devistation from the Santa Rosa fires. Schools were forced to shut down due to the brutality of the fire. Once the fires subsided, Santa Rosa City Schools were left with four heavily tarnished fields. They sought for a solution to quickly clean up their campus, so their students could return to their daily routine. 

Method of Approach: KYA’s team was able to utilize the Pressure-Fast Cleaning System to restore the fields.  The Pressure-Fast System dispersed a high pressurized hydro system that decompacted the existing infill while simotaniously redistributing and cleaning both the infill and the fibers at the same time. This allowed for a thorough, but hasty clean up.  

Results: After the fire, the fields were too hazerdous with the immense amount of debris and ash. Now the District has freshly cleaned fields that are safe for the students to use for athletics and physical education classes. KYA was able to meet the Districts timeline and quickly transform the four fields back to their original state.