Interior - Basketball Court Rebuild - Valley HS - Case Study

Before and After

Description: The Valley High School gym is a little over 12,000 square feet and was in need of a complete rebuild after an explosion. The installed floor is a natural maple on top of ½” plywood. It sits on top of a multi layered sleeper system that raises the floor 20” off the substrate. The sealer, finish and paint products are Bona Sports and the custom logo was done by an artist.

Background: The gym experienced a natural gas explosion that caused the gym to flood from the emergency sprinkler system. The existing maple and plywood had extensive water damage. There was minor mold as well as sleeper system drainage issues.


Method of Approach: KYA removed the maple to see how extensive the water damage was. After inspection KYA removed the ½’ plywood due to the water damage. We inspected every board in the sleeper system and repaired all that had damage or mold. The substrate was tested for moisture to ensure the environment was stable. KYA installed new ½’ plywood, 2nd or better maple, volleyball and badminton sleeve caps, and metal transition plates. We then sanded, sealed, finished and painted the maple.

Result: Valley High School has a brand-new, safe, maple floor that will look and great for years to come.