Exterior - Auxiliary Field - Garfield Elementary - Case Study

Description:  KYA revitalized a 38,000 square foot auxiliary field from dirt and gravel to resilient artificial turf.  It is a natural thatch product designed for high foot traffic and general recreation while maintaining a realistic aesthetic. In addition, the client requested an area of turf for their enclosed courtyard outside the cafeteria.  Background

Before and After results

Background: The client had previously been struggling to grow or maintain grass in the auxiliary field and courtyard areas.  The field was under constant foot traffic, not only during school hours, but by the surrounding community over the weekend.  

Method of Approach: KYA designed a solution utilizing a thatch and rubber free infill combination.  The synthetic grass is UV protected, promotes maximum drainage and has durable blade structure.  It eliminates the need for pesticides, reduces maintenance costs and drastically lowers water usage. 

Results: The lush green appearance of the synthetic turf greatly enhances the school’s aesthetics. The children now have clean and beautiful areas on which to play for years to come.