Texas School Outdoor Solutions from KYA

When it’s time to transform your school, you can’t look only at today’s objectives.

You need to consider the full life cycle of design considerations, from capital and installation costs through operating, maintenance and replacement costs.

At KYA, we design solutions for the full life cycle of your school, while ensuring you get exactly what you want today too!


Integrative Collaboration

KYA brings the full range of design professionals to every school project, including architects, engineers, contractors and manufacturers. Our collaborative approach ensures optimal sustainability for your school project.


Right System Selection

KYA examines implementation and operational aspects of your school project and evaluates lifespan and durability requirements, enabling the project team to choose solutions that best align with your objectives.


Schematic Design

Evaluating several systems alternatives during the schematic design stage is a a common step in every school design process. KYA’s wide range of school outdoor solutions ensures the right choice for your objectives today and tomorrow.

Materials Selection

At KYA, we know that everything mattersfor your school project. Our life cycle approach enables us to confidently recommend the right materials based on transparent manufacturing relationships that enable more informed purchasing decisions.


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